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On March 1 st , 2021, I sent out an email requesting volunteers to participate in the “Global EMF Monitoring” Project that we plan to start in April, 2021. As of today, we have almost 200 volunteers from 16 countries and we hope to increase that number over time.

Dr. Magda Havas, 31 March, 2021

Reason for this Project

Governments establish guidelines for radio frequency radiation (RFR) but few governments monitor exposure on a regular basis. See article in Resource section by Dürrenberger et al 2014 or click here for link. That is like establishing a speed limit for traffic but not enforcing it. Consequently, unless you have your own meter you do not know what you are exposed to when it comes to radio frequency and microwave radiation. Few people are aware that RFR can be harmful to health. Consequently they respond to the ads encouraging them to buy more and more wireless devices and thus a growing population is inadvertently exposing themselves and their families to higher and higher levels of microwave radiation. They believe government officials who tell them people are safe provided that guidelines are not exceeded. However, based on the science we know that people are suffering from adverse health effects at levels well below existing guidelines. The political and the scientific information do not agree!

5G is being rolled out across the globe. This will take several years and some countries are well ahead of the pack (like the U.S.). It would be useful to know how much levels of radiation change once 5G is established in a community and by having volunteers from around the world documenting this we could get some very useful data that would have scientific value. Good quality meters that are easy to use are now available at reasonable prices and people are learning how to monitor their own electromagnetic environment. The meter we require volunteers use for this project is the Safe & Sound Pro RF meter (either Pro I or Pro II).

This meter is available at and this company is supporting this project. If you would like to volunteer for any of the projects we develop please buy this meter and tell them you are volunteering for the Global EMF Project for a discount code.

For those who would like to volunteer please send a quick email to: [email protected] and visit our Contact page to sign up for your newsletter.